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Bluetooth with No Response in Windows 8
"Hi guys, My laptop is a SAMSUNG one. Recenlty, there is some problem with the its bluetooth fucntions. When I try to transmit data from it to my phone via bluetooth, I receive no futher response except the progress bar which has never made any pro..."
No Music Transfering in Windows 8
"Hi guys, My laptop is a Toshiba one, with the bluetooth function. And my phone is NOKIA 6300. Bothof them have been cooperating with each other for a long time. But last evening, i found that when I tried to tranfer data to each other, only pictur..."
Can't Start Serch Device in Windows 8
"Hi guys, Recently, I have bought a new Toshiba computer. And Windows 8 operating system is installed on it. When I tried to connect the computer with my phone, I got this message: Your Bluetooth can not start to search deivce. As I have little kno..."


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Win Phone News

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