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Windows 8 hangs at bootup
"Hi guys, I know windows 8 forums is a great place to get when I encountered some computer-related problems. This time I just got a ssd and install win 8 on it . when i boot up the system hangs before the welcome screen and after the boot screen ..."
Windows 8 hangs on shutdown
"hey guys, Briefly, I've just installed windows 8 and it has hang several times with 2 to 5 minutes on shutdown. and when it hangs, a fan goes into overdrive and sounded like it was ready to take off in the maentime. I've discovered that this is ..."
Disk score in Windows Experience Index
"hello everyone, To start with write cache enabled - 3.0 score (cap) Disabled write cache - 5.8 score Reenabled write cache - 5.8 score Several restarts later with write cache enabled - 5.8 I will skip the driver update for now (unless score ..."


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