WinPIM Calendar


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WinPIM Calendar is a professional Calendar & Tasks management software can Sync with Google, iCloud and Yahoo.

* Support Windows 8 Tile, Toast notification, Charm Bar and Snapped view.
* Can Sync with Google, iCloud, Yahoo Calendar.
* Support SkyDrive Backup, sync with all the devices running WinPIM Calendar.
* Provides Day view, Week view and Month view for Calendar.
* Clearly Tasks view.
* Show Evens List and Time Bar in Day View.
* Item Styles make your calendar look different and well organized.
* Drag & Drop to move event or adjust time easily.
* Subscribe Internet Calendar, support webcal protocol.
* Import iCalendar file, associate ics file.
* Search Calendar & Tasks.
* Customize Recurrence Events.
* Print Calendar & Tasks.
* Share Calendar & Tasks, support Share Target.
* 7-Day Full Functional Trial.
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WinPIM Calendar

name unknown

Can sync with iCloud, great!
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