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This Vodeclic app features 84 tutorials and more than 7 hours of training on Word 2010 Training.
The Word 2010 Training app features 84 tutorials on the key Word 2010 tools and functionalities. They are organized as follows:

• Getting to know the application

• Inserting & editing text

• Saving & manipulating documents

• Formatting text

• Configuring & customizing the application

• Searching within a document

• Formatting & shaping your document

• Working on a document with someone else

• Illustrating & enhancing your document

• Creating a diagram using shapes

• Publishing & sharing your documents

A tutorial is a video lasting just a few minutes which demonstrates a particular tool or use (Configuring the AutoCorrect settings, Using the selection pane, Selecting text automatically) and how to get the most out of it. Each Vodeclic tutorial is produced by a specialist subject trainer and adheres to a clearly defined learning method.

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Word 2010 Training

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