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It's a XDA RSS feed. You will find it handy for viewing posts and updates from XDA developers forum!~
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Default Browser of IE 8 in Windows 8
"Hi, guys, I'm a computer novice, so here for your advice. My laptop is running windows 8. When I click a link the IE8 is not starting up, even though IE8 is set as the default browser. What's more, I cannot see IE8 in the default programs. C..."
default browser of Windows 8?
"hi guys, Do you think which one would be the default browser od windows 8? IE 9 or IE 10?..."
Windows 8 Default browser Trouble
"Hi guys, Two browsers were running on my computer with Windows 8 operating system. While I came across Windows 8 default browser last evening. Firefox, the default browser, tooks too much space, so I deleted it. Then I can not enter the gmail. I t..."


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