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Top skateboarders show you how to grind and slide on obstacles.

One of Canada's hottest sponsored ams, Nick Moore, takes you through a serious selection of tricks in this advanced app by XNtrick. Flat bars, ledges and hand-rails are common obstacles in modern skate terrain and we go step by step through all the essential grinds and slides you need to know to rip your local skatepark up. Your own personal skate coach!

Table of contents:

1 Intro
2 50-50 Grind
3 Frontside 5-0 Grind
4 Backside Smith Grind
5 Frontside Smith Grind
6 Crooked Grind
7 Crooked Pop Over Grind
8 Frontside Feeble Grind
9 Backside Feeble Grind
10 Frontside Nose Grind
11 Nollie Backside Smith Grind
12 Frontside Boardslide
13 Kickflip Frontside Boardslide
14 Frontside Blunt Slide
15 Backside Tailslide
16 Frontside Tailslide
17 Backside Lipslide
18 Frontside Lipslide
19 Outro
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