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This is a picture modifier tool. You can get a set of beautiful girl in add them to our pictures. It is easy to use : You select your picture in you media library. You select the girls you want to add. You can move, resize,change color only using hold, tap, drag, flick, and pinch gestures on screen. Then you click on camera to have the corresponding picture saved in your media library. In detail : You create new girl picture if you HOLD a screen press in empty space. You remove girl picture if you HOLD a screen press on picture. You change girl picture color if you tap the picture. You drag picture if you drag picture. You throw picture if you FLICK the picture by dragging and quickly releasing. You scale picture if you PINCH a sprite by touching a sprite at two points and expanding or contracting the points (Requires a multi-touch compatible display). Good picture modification !
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Pictures Catagorize software
"I like to collect pictures in my leisure time and it eat a large part of my PC memory, so I quite want to catagorize them in their piexl. So are there any free software available for that?..."



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