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"Al Quran" is also available in Windows 8 Store! == Version 4.0== Added following beautiful recitations: Al Haqqah(Rifai) Al Hijr first 15(Nomani) Al Fath 27-29(Patel) And a super melodious Bismillah in the "Extra" section. == Version 3.9== Added following soothing recitations: Al Ma'arij 11-28(Jamal) Al Baqarah last 2(Shatri) Al E-Imran last 11(Asim) Ar Raad 16-18(Nomani) == Version 3.8== Added following beautiful recitations: Al Ahzab 63-73(Nomani): may make you shed tears An Nas (Fahd Kanderi): beautiful Nuh(Nomani):heart melting Taha 1-44(Faisal Rashood):soothing Al Burooj(Ajmy): soothing == Version 3.7== -Added Surah At Tawba 111-116(Faisal)....heart trembling. -Many of you have asked why not adding more Surahs. Actually, Windows Phone limits app size to a max 325MB, that limits my ability to add more Surahs since the goal of this App is to embed all the Surahs without needing any data connection so that you can enjoy these rare recitations wherever you are. The app is currently at 320MB. == Version 3.6== -Added Surah Abasa (Fahd Kanderi). Soothingly beautiful. -Extended Al Furqan to last 15 ayats 63-77 (instead of previously last 7) to cover the description of beleivers. -Better error handling == Version 3.5 == -Added one more Surah -Added several Duas -40 Rabbans from the Quran -Fixed all known bugs == Version 3.0 == -Auto play next surah -Repeat -4 more Surahs -19 more D'uas -Bug fixes ==App Description== This app,"Al Qur'an",is a collection of melodious recitation of the commonly recited Surahs(Chapters) from the Holy Qur'an. Al Qur'an does NOT use data connection since all media contents are embedded making it readily playable anywhere even when flying.
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Al Quran

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