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This app is just like a friend sitting by you side while driving and say 'hey watch your speed!’. The app allows you to: Configure the alert starting speed. To enable a dynamic speed selection feature. To choose the app to run with screen locked to save battery. Ability to switch from MPR to Km/h and vice versa. The app uses the Location Service of the phone. Accuracy of the reading dependent of the GPS signal strength on the phone. Attention: This app is not by any means to replace the purpose and usage of the vehicle’s speedo meter. It is up to you to evaluate the accuracy of the reading by comparing what you hear from the app to the vehicles speedo meter reading. I am not responsible if you get any speeding ticket while using this app so use it at your own risk. Motivation: One of my wish regarding driving experience is to have a speedo meter that speaks my speed when it reaches certain level. Most of us don’t have that this time. So until then, using 'Alert My Speed' is the way. Thanks for using Alert My Speed!
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Alert My Speed

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