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Tired of sports apps that redirect to a website? Baseball Live provides you the latest news and results in Major League Baseball. Baseball Live Features Include: - Latest Baseball news - Ability to share a news article through email, facebook or twitter - Live scoreboard of current games - Live Game details including box scores and detailed play information - * When viewing game details shake your phone to refresh the score! - Up to date standings - Create a secondary tile for your favorite team. To create a team tile navigate to the team page and select 'Create Team Tile' within the application bar. - Team Information including schedule and roster information - Player Information - League Leaders statistics - Ability to set your favorite team which will create a unique app landing page unique to your team. - ESPN and MLB videos - MLB and ESPN MLB tweets This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by MLB. Please send us your feedback so we can enhance the application. 1.1 Update: - Added offical twitter feeds for each team under each team section - Added FOX MLB twitter feed under the more section - Added Rate and Review option in the main application bar. - Added a Rate and Review reminder. When prompted you can avoid the reminder in the future by checking the checkbox. 1.2 Update: - Minor fixes to address list popups in the League Leaders and Settings pages. 1.3 Update: - Fixed play by play info in game details - Added batting average in league leaders section
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Baseball Live

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