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FREE TRIAL available with full functionality! Budget Box makes it easy to control your personal budget everywhere you go. The following features are present: 1. Multiple accounts can be used so that you can control your personal, work or family budget. 2. Track expenses and assign them to categories 3. Make transactions recurring every day, week or month 4. Add additional categories 5. Set a windows phone reminder for payments that you don't want to miss and therefore prevent additional fees. You can set the reminder at the date and time you want and it will be show even when your app is not running. 6. Specify goals. Set the desired amount and assign transactions to a specific goal. You can keep track of your goal progress. 7. You a have nice instant overview of your income and expenses per month 8. Set a budget for a month or for a specific category in a month (eg. food, car, ...) 9. You have reports and charts available to keep track your finances the way you want
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Budget Box

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