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Best Calendar App on WP7, and it's FREE *New in 1.7 (MAJOR FEEDBACK RELEASE)* You asked for -Allow user to select accounts to show/hide (DONE) -Right date format for international users (DONE) -Right Day of week for international users (DONE) -Ability to select different colors for accounts (DONE) -Show remaining appointment count for day, week and month tile on start screen (DONE) -Show appointment count for next 24 hours on back of main app tile (DONE) This app brings the best features of a calendar app for free. Daily, weekly and month views. Search and filter based grouping. Pin appointments to start screen. And a beautiful UI. Key features: 1. Tap in month view to see appointments details below 2. Filter based Groups and Quick search with auto complete 3. Pin tiles for daily, weekly or month view and appointments to start screen 5. Tap+Hold Reply/ReplyAll or forward an appointment from any screen. 6. Ease of use :) An intutive and fluid UI showing upcoming and a later event at a glance on a tile. From main screen, user can navigate to other areas. Groups provide an easy and user friendly way to view the meaningful data together. It is a very simple now to collectively show the data based on filters that you select. Grouped information can be anything like "appointments on wednesdays" or "meetings in room 34". Just go to groups and intutive interface will guide you along the way. Search is based on subject and location. Auto complete quickly brings the potential results in focus. User can configure the date range for groups and search results in the settings. Privacy Policy: This app needs access to calendar event/appointment data of the users. However, we take the privacy VERY STRICTLY and this app does not share any of this data with another app or service or entity locally or over the internet. Only sharing this app allows for this content is via email and that too with explicit control of the user to modify anything and then send it or not.
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