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Version 2.0 -Added ability to set target calorie after calculating calorie requirements. Press "Calculate Requirement" button. Calculate the requirement and when calculated use 'Set Target' radio button next to your preferred required calorie to set it as your target calorie. -Added ability to view remaining calorie that could be consumed for the day in the home screen. -Changed the static calorie meter bar to dynamic which adapts to the user set target calorie. Thank you J for the enhancement suggestion. Note: **If app crashes for some reason after update, please uninstall the updated app first and do a clean install from the marketplace again** Version 1.2 -Added ability to view yesterday's calorie consumption records and memo including consumption total **** Version 1.1 -Added ability to delete individual calorie entry for the day -Add back button for embedded nutrition fact search option. -Slight UI enhancement. *** Version 1.0 This a app designed to calculate and track your daily calorie consuption. With this app you can: - Calculate your BMI and BMR - Calculate your Maintenance Calorie, Fat Loss Calorie and Extreme Fat Loss Calorie - Track your daily calorie comsumption - Find Nutrient/Calorie facts on the food you eat. - Visualize your calorie consumption with a chart - Track your weight - Visualize your weight with a chart - Finally see that weight falling off in the chart and in real :)
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Calorie Meter

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