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Calorie Watch is not just your average calorie counting app; this app aims to make managing your weight like a game.The primary screen shows you 1 very large number: The amount of calories you have available to eat at this very moment. From the time you wake-up until your last meal of the day, Calorie Watch doles out calories at a steady pace throughout the day for you to "spend" as you see fit. This way you are never too hungry or over fed. Or if you want to manage the calories yourself, you can have Calorie Watch allot all your calories as soon as you wake up.Calorie Watch also allows you to track your exercise and awards you "bonus" calories to spend based on the type and duration of exercise you have done.The Calorie Watch has 5 primary screens:- Calorie Information- Meal Entry- Exercise Tracking- Weight Log- Graphs and ChartsCalorie Watch also has two other screens. One to enter Settings such as User Data, Target Info, and Preferences. The other screen is for managing the Favorite Food Database.Above all, Calorie Watch aims to be simple, fast, and fun. ** Version 1.3 ** Various bug fixes.
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Calorie Watch

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