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Your spirit level in the pocket: This universal tool called Clinometer is the most precise (all you can get from the accelerometers) slope measurement tool for a mobile phone. It can be used for simple applications like aligning a frame as well as for more sophisticated fields of applications where an arbitrary slope needs to be measured exactly. With this tool, the slope can be measured by all edges of the device in every direction. When the device is put flat on the table a bubble view will fade in. This current features include: • Advanced two way calibration on all sides: For every 4 sides plus the bubble mode you can calibrate in two steps, which allows you to calibrate exactly even on non-level surfaces. Each direction can be calibrated individually to achieve the optimal precision. • Motion-sensitive Lock feature: Besides the common instant simple tap hold mechanism you can activate the motion-sensitive lock. If activated the device waits for the final lock until you hold your device steady enough for at least 2 seconds. You can set the tolerance between 0.1 and 1.0 degrees. Along with the optional Beep On Lock feature you can do exact measurements without having to view at the display. • Dial Rotation: You can smoothly rotate the background dial and thus define which side of the device represents 0° and 90°. • Adjustable Auto-Lock: Prevent the device from turning into the sleep mode. According to wikipedia: An inclinometer or clinometer is an instrument for measuring angles of slope (or tilt), elevation or inclination of an object with respect to gravity. It is also known as a tilt meter, tilt indicator, slope alert, slope gauge, gradient meter
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Clinometer + Spiritlevel

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