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Colorify lets you re-color your photos on your phone and amplify the photos coolness factor. Selectively apply grayscale and original color to create your amazing new artwork. Now you can do more with the added feature of color picker to appy any color! Colorify will first convert your pictures to black&white and then you can re-color any part of it with your finger on the screen.You can see it in action in YouTube! Take AWESOME pictures, recolor them, and SHARE with your friends! + Use your phone's camera or choose a picture from gallery. + Save your finished work. + Share them on Facebook wall and Twitter very easily! + Email your artwork to your friends and family + Zoom to images with double fingers or double tapping. + Adjust brush size. + Undo your last actions. + Continuous paint. + Color picker lets you select any color and paint on picture. + Create fantastic pictures, have fun!
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