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Version 1.1 includes a fresh new look and feel! ContactSwap allows you exchange your information through the magic of the internet with other Windows Phone 7 users nearby that you choose. After you enter your profile information, simply start the application, and press the Swap button and have the person with the other Windows Phone 7 do so at the same time. No need to type in email addresses or sms numbers, it’s really just that simple. For added security, you can send a four digit PIN with your information that the other user must enter to be able to download your information. Once you get the other persons contact information, you can easily add it to the contacts on your phone by simply pressing the save button. You can even create multiple profiles that you can exchange. You can create one profile for work and another one for play. The profile information you can exchange contains: - First Name, Last Name - Address (Work, Home, Other) - Phone (multiple types) - Email (Work, Home, Other) - Spouse’s name - Birth Date - Notes - Web Sites (Work, Home, Other)
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