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This neat little Currency Converter offers you 62 different currencies to convert to and from. * New in Version 1.4 - You can now rate the app from and view other apps as well * New in Version 1.3 - Small visual change to look better in light theme * New in Version 1.2 - Minor performance improvements * New in Version 1.1 - We will now check your trial status when the app loads to make it quicker to convert currencies in trial mode. Instead of having to select from a long list of currencies, you pick the ones you use the most. You can add or remove currencies at any time. But this is not just an ordinary Currency Converter. It even finds out where you are (if GPS is available) and if you haven't selected the currency from the country you are in, the app will do this for you. And to make it even easier for you, the app stores your last conversion for the next time you open the app. ************************************************ The trial version is fully functional for 3 days ************************************************
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