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Show desktop in windows 8
"I heard that people say there is a kind of quicker way to go to desktop by some keys. Each time I have to minimize all opening Windows one by one and finally get the desktop. I am quite bored with this. How can I go to desktop in Windows 8 with just ..."
Can't bring back the desktop recycle bin?
"Two weeks ago, I deleted the desktop recycle bin when I playing the RocketDock. Now I want to bring it back but I found it's impossible to do it! I have tried many ways but still did not find a good solution. Does anyone know what could be causing t..."
Can I hiding some desktop icons in Winodws 8?
"Hey, guys Is there a way to hide most of the desktop icons, but allow others to remain visible? I hope someone with a bit more knowledge than me could come along. any help would be grately appreciated...."


Desktop Clock

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