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The leading French English Dictionary for Windows Phone 7 ✦ More than 64,000 translation pairs ✦ Integrated Google/Bing Translate ✦ Phrases ✦ No internet connection required (except Google/Bing Translate & Wiki search) BitKnights makes quality apps for people who love or use languages. That's why we have been developing this app for two years now, and will continue to do so in the future. Our French English Dictionary & Translator is an easy to use, lightning fast, user friendly dictionary with a huge database. Features: ✓ Accentuation independent search ✓ Quick search in browse mode: jumping to the right part of the dictionary while typing ✓ Detailed view of the chosen word with phrases ✓ Word linking in detailed view: clicking on any word will show the word in a new detailed view ✓ Integrated Google/Bing Translate (Internet connection is required!) ✓ Integrated Wiki search (Internet connection is required!) ✓ History of dictionary and translator lookups ✓ Favorites: you can add or remove words and traslates ✓ Email dictionary translations ✓ Landscape mode If you like our app, please review it.
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Dictionary Eng-Fre

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