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DOTS Game (also known as Connect the DOTS, Dots-and-Dashes, or Square-it) DOTS is a classic 2-player game where players take turns to connect the dots by drawing lines between them, and then use these lines to complete as many sqaures as they can. The objective of the game is to complete as many squares as possible. In the end, the player with the most squares completed wins. Each game only takes a few minutes, making it ideal to play when you have short breaks of free time. The rules of the game are as follows: - Each player takes turns to mark lines between 2 dots. - The player starting first is Red, the player going second is Blue. - If a player marks the last of the 4 lines surrounding a box, then the box is marked with his color. - Any such player who completes a box, continues to mark other lines until he does not complete a box or all boxes are completed. - If a player does not complete a box, then the other player continues to mark lines. - Even if the first 3 lines surrounding a box are marked with a player's color and the opponent marks the last line surrouding the box, any such box belongs to the opponent who completes the last line surrounding a box. - When all boxes are complete (surrounded by lines on all 4 sides), the game is over and the total number of boxes completed by each player is displayed. The player with the most number of completed boxes wins the game. The game automatically saves your progress for easy continuation in case you exit the game or a phone call comes in while you are enjoying the game. v1.3 ----- - New Icons - Bug Fix v1.2 ----- - Fast App Switching - Show which player's turn it is. - Show who won, or a tie! v1.1 ----- - Larger board size making it easier to select a line between the Dots. - Added a Rules page with instructions.
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