DTKs Roulette


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This app includes: NO Adds (Trial too) - Player statistics - coin values 1 to 5000 - Bet on columns, rows, blocks, streets, corners, colors or individual numbers - Realistic spinning wheel, sounds and overall gameplay - Last 10 results - winning field indicator - Wheel options - Rebet option - Dark/light theme support - A very enthusiastic developer *New in V1.2* - a user requested feature: winning field indicator on the board - fixxed bug on leaving the game page - added a CTA for contacting me on the mainpage *New in V1.1* - Added how to pages explaining the game - Added bets on corners, split, trio - Style improvements - Fixed bug when returning to the app Missing a feature? Feel free to contact me and I‘ll see what I can do!
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DTKs Roulette

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