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The trial version of app is time and functionally unlimited version with ads. This app is designed to help you to recall something on the exam or test. It shows clock on the screen to hide your notes or browser, when you need to recall something from your notes or Internet tap top part of the screen (will be showed at the first running). All the time you can hide them, just tap "hide" button. The app uses light theme because changes on the white background screen are harder to be noticed from away. Good luck! Note: This app is designed for fun, not real exams or tests, you use it on them for your own responsiblity! Changelog: v 1.3 -fixed some ads display errors v 1.2 -unlimited trial version with ads -area to click for edit note is bigger -application goes mango (older versions no longer supported by Marketplace) v 1.1 -phone back button work as "hide" -system tray hidden to save more space -address bar content selected when clicked
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Exam Cheater

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