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Have you ever thought of swapping your face with someone else's? Face Swap provides a simple and quick way to swap the faces of people using a photo taken with others. All you need to do is to take a photo facing the camera or select one you already have, and then shake your phone. Then let Face Swap do its magic! You'll see the faces are automatically swapped. Photos can then be saved to your photo library or shared directly on Facebook, Twitter or Sina Weibo. Main Features: • Multiple face detection enabled • Shake to create a new photo with people's faces swapped! • Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter or Sina Weibo For more information, please check http://msra.cn/faceparty-en [Version 2.1] Allow you to search for web images Improved face swapping effects Improved recall of face detection algorithm Added user log to help us improve the program [Version 2.0] • Allow you to swap faces between photos • Added Simplified Chinese localization [Version 1.2] • Improved performance of face detection algorithm • Allow you to delete photos from 'Recent List' • Integrated with Pictures Hub [Version 1.1] • Fixed crash bug for phones with a large number of photos • Added link to other Face Party apps
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Face Swap

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