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Get a fast and complete Facebook experience with Facebook Viewer. ************** UPDATE V1.5 : - New logo - Redesigned Homescreen - New splashscreen - Added New "Photo Feeds" to view photos in Landscape - You can now pin "Feeds" on the Homescreen for a fast access UPDATE V1.2 : - New bar design - Added "Back" control button as you've all asked for ;) UPDATE V1.1 : -added non-intrusive ads -New fast access shortcut tiles feature for Message and Notifications. Just long-press on Message and Notifications icon in the Menu to pin to Start screen. -I am actually working with Facebook APIs to give you a full Metro experience but it will take some time. Using a Panorama Menu UI coupled with the touch Website, this Facebook application will give you what you need for a good Facebook experience. -Fast to load -Fast access to Messages and Notifications using Shortcuts Tile -Feeds are more complete compared to the official Facebook application.
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Facebook Viewer

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