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Easy to use budget and bill tracking tool with the features you need without all the confusion you don’t. Need a live tile showing what’s coming due and what’s past due? We have that. Would you like to enter all your RECURRING income and expenses only once and have your monthly budgets automatically include them and synchronize that same data to your Windows 8 device? We have that too. Want to see your monthly income in relation to your monthly expenses so you can predict budget shortfalls? Have it! Looking for a way to graph how much you spend on hairspray compared to the average daily balance of your wallet on Tuesdays? Please find another app. You might also consider putting down the phone and going outside for a bit.Here’s what you CAN do with Finance helper…-Track your income and expenses month to month and carry your monthly remaining balance forward. Or negative balance… it happens, we know.-Store all your recurring income and expenses like salary, rent, electric bill, etc. in one “recurring budget”.-Enter your non-recurring items and, if needed, edit the amounts of recurring items on your monthly budgets.-Enter due dates on your expense items and track them until they have been marked paid. They’re even color coded based on due date. Aren’t we fancy?-Optional notification of what’s due and past due on your live tile. You don’t even have to open the app to know you have a bill coming due!-Save your budget data to the cloud and synchronize it with your Windows 8 devices.-Email your budget data at the touch of a button.-Easy to understand interface with built-in help -Bonus built-in loan payment calculator with amortization schedule generator. -Calculate total interest saved by paying extra on loans each month with the extra payment savings calculator.-Email your loan details with an amortization schedule you can import into excel.
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Finance Helper

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