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FindIt is a GPS app that gets your to where you want to go. It provides straight line directions to your waypoint with an arrow and distance. *Updated for Mango with the ability to input DMS coordinates. How is FindIt different from all the other GPS apps on the Marketplace? FindIt is optimized for three key scenarios: - Sending your current location to friends so they can find you - Receiving a location from a friend so you can find them - Saving waypoints so you can get back to them FindIt is professionally written: - Won't crash (like when you go in a tunnel and you don't have a GPS signal) - Integrated with your theme color - Fast and simple - email addresses for feature requests and bugs are right in the app in the 'about' section What? FindIt doesn't have a map view? Nope. Maps aren't helpful when you are trying to figure out which side of the street the coffee shop is on, or how to get back to that favorite park bench, or where you Mom is when you are picking her up from the airport. Instead, FindIt is optimized for pointing you directly in the direction you need to go. A couple important notes: - Windows Phone 7 doesn't support compass functionality yet. This means that in order for your current direction to be calculated, you need to move around. - GPS doesn't work inside buildings. When you are outside, the accuracy of the GPS data will improve the longer you have the app open. - FindIt supports trial mode. In trial mode you can't send your location to friends and you can only save up to 3 favorites. If you have the full version of FindIt, friends can always download FindIt and find you for free.
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