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Best LED flashlight app in the market. Trial is fully functional, with no ads. THis is a LED flashlight, using the built in flash from the phone's camera. Flashlight apps using the camera flash are much better than the previous blank screens on the first apps released in the market.Now with MANGO release it is possible, although there's some hardware limitations. This led flashlight is the best in the market, with much steady light and simple usage, just pin it to your start menu and when u start it it gives u the light you need. Check it for yourself, compare it with others, the trial is fully functional, with no ads, just buy it if u like it, to support the developers. Attention: might not work with all mobile phones, depends on hardware. Tip: In some models, if the light blinks, put a finger near the camera lens, it will steady the flicker.
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Flashlight LED

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