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funDroid is an application just for Fun! But it works :-) Impress your friends! Turn your Windows Phone© into an Android-Phone and try to do the most common functionality. They correctly work! Version 3.0: - Skin for Samsung Galaxy S III + HTC - LockScreen - HTC Weather service working (you need to configure your country + your city in settings) - Settings page open in Android/style - Backgrounds - Phone call - Contacts - SMS - EMail - Music Player - Radio - Social: Facebook + Twitter + NEW!!! FunDroiders NEW!!! - Polipone Games (only in full version): vYatzee + GuessSong + TickTackToe + vPoker + GuessWho + others... Some iFun fans asked me to develop the same app for Android. Voilà! I'm ready for tip, suggestion and whatever you want
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