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Geek Library helps you to keep track of your entire library of books, movies, music and video games on your phone and optionally backed up to the cloud. Scan a barcode or search a huge online database and pull back cover art and details. Add the item to your library or add it to a wishlist and keep track of the best deals available. Rate your stuff, update the details and add your own cover art if you want. Here is a list of what you can do with your very own Geek Library: * NEW - Windows companion app for paid versions * Sync to/from the cloud * Pin your playlists as Live Tiles, displaying the number of items in your playlist and cover art for the 'currently playing' item on the flipside * Supports multiple languages and locale switching for getting deals from different territories * Mark things as up for sale/sold/loaned to a friend * Keep a playlist of things you haven't read/played * Rate all your items * Quickly see loaned items and who has them! * Fast app switching Coming soon: * Social interactions Change Log now included within the app.
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Geek Library

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