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Surf the web with a new browser, GINternet! Features: -Favorites! -History! -Sharing via text message, email or social networks! -Preinstalled popular websites! -Open page with Internet Explorer! -View page source! -Video support! -Supports HTML5! -Tabs automatically save! -Chat/community system! -Draw mode! Full version includes: -Advertisements are removed! -Crop images! -More settings! -Unlimited tabs! Future Releases: -More hold options -GINternet Sync v3.1 -Fixed add new tab issue. -Fixed other bugs with chat, registering, etc. v3.0 -Fixed major bugs -Fixed few crash problems -Fixed signup process v2.9 -Fixed minor bugs -Changed a few chat system requirements v2.8 -Fixed many bugs found thanks to user feedback. -Users may now edit a favorites title and url. -Inverted tapping on a favorite/history to navigate instead of deleting. -Added easier ways of purchase. -Trial users are now limited to a max of 5 tabs. v2.7 -Fixed a bug with the user account. -GINternet just got smarter by remembering the last position of each page so no more scrolling over and over. -Fixed a bug when trying to navigate with an empty address bar. -Fixed a bug when pressing the start button and trying to press the back button to return to the app. v2.6 -Updated & improved the chat system! -Users can now search and add friends! -Fixed a bug with the refresh button! -Added Google+ as a popular website! v2.5 -Fixed a bug where the app settings would reset! -Fixed a bug where orientation lock would not always work! -Changed a few things with draw mode, saving is still not supported! v2.4 -Fixed a bug with tabs! -Did rework for favorites and history! *Please leave reviews or use the bug/feature request in the app if you enjoy the product as it will only get better if users like the product! If you have to leave bad feedback please do so as that will only help improve bugs/problems.*
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