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GoVoice now fully supports mango in addition to push notifications available to free users on a trial basis. Get push notifications for Google Voice text and voicemail directly on your Windows Phone! Get support at: Follow @GoVoiceApp for latest updates. GoVoice is an application for Google Voice that allows you to make cheap long distance calls, receive and send SMS messages and access your transcribed Voicemail messages. The simplicity of the design will orient you in the tasks you need done rather than slowing you down. DISCLAIMER: GoVoice places your calls via your cell phone minutes. You will be charged by your carrier for domestic connections. International rates are charged by Google. See Google Voice website for details. We take your privacy seriously and we don't store your password on the device unless if you choose to do so. Even if your device is compromised you can still revoke GoVoice's access. Application requires a valid Google Voice account. Go to to apply for a free account. 3.5 * Bug fixes 3.4 * Search! Now you can search all your SMS's and voicemails * Message list contact intergration - no need to export contacts to gmail to see contact names * Notification setup bug fixed. Now you can set up notificaiton automatically * Bug fixes 3.3 * Toast notification directly leads to message * Ability to pin conversation and the dialpad for fast access * Fixes the bug causes incomplete scrolling in conversation views * Fixes the bug that causes "re-login" error by prompting to remember passwords
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