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GPU Guide is a must have app for all tech enthusiasts, gamers and anyone who is interested about computer hardware and graphics and gaming. This app is one of a kind product that offers hardware specifications about popular GPUs. Every important piece if information is provided about GPUs. Right now there are over 160 GPUs in the database and the newest GPUs and their information is provided. You can view the details about the GPUs and mark them as favorites so you can access them later quickly and easily. This app is a must have when you are out on the market hunting for the perfect Graphic Card for your rig. Have all the details about all the latest GPUs right there on your windows phone ready to access quickly. Know all the facts, select the best product that you want. GPU Guide is your best friend when you are one the hunt for the perfect GPU. • GPUs from Nvidia GeForce 200 series to 600 series • GPUs from ATI Radeon HD 2000 series to HD 8000 series • Details about all the GPUs from ATI and Nvidia will be available from a future update (Note: Only contains details about Desktop GPUs, mobile GPU information Is not available now. Will be available in the next update.)
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GPU Guide

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