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Social Squares v1.0 – Winner Microsoft Build 2012 Hackaton Turn your social network into a fast and fun game with Social Squares. This Hollywood Squares style game test how well you really know your friends by bringing together your friends Facebook data. On initial launch of the game the player is asked to login using their Facebook account. Once this login succeeds their friend’s data is pulled down to the phone to be used in game play. The app allows the player to refresh the data from time to time. Additionally, the app allows the player to log out and allows another player to log into the game. The game supports 3 levels – easy, medium and hard. Easy level presents 2 possible answers, medium presents 4 possible answers and hard level presents 6 possible answers. Starting a new game presents a tile of nine squares arranged 3 x 3 which shows the pictures and the names of 9 randomly selected friends. The player using windows phone 8 can shake the phone before the games starts to have a new random group of friends presented. The player is prompted to select a square (friend) and a question is posed with a set of possible answers presented. The number of questions presented depends on the level of play. Once the player picks an answer an animated “O” or “X” fly’s onto the friend square. The round continues until the player has answered all 9 questions. During the game the players can leave the game and pick up where they left off when they re-enter the game. Features: · Facebook Friends · Multiple Levels – easy, medium and hard · High Scores · Sharing to Facebook · For Windows Phone 8 user - challenge other players by tapping the back of their phones together · Real –time support questions and FAQs Seriously this is a fun game that really gives tests your knowledge of your friends.
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