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ICE Alert is an app that could save your life. Should you get into an accident and are unable to communicate to anyone else, ICE Alert can be used by paramedics, or other first responders, to find out important information about you such as any allergies or conditions you suffer from, any medications you're on and the numbers of contacts that should be notified of your accident. However, ICE Alert is not just for accidents. If you're feeling unsafe or are in trouble, you can use ICE Alert to quickly send an SMS alert or set up a call to either a predefined contact or the emergency services - all in a few short taps. You can save the text to send in the message as well as the contacts that should be notified, saving any typing when you have to send the SMS alert. When sent, ICE Alert will automatically add your GPS location information (if available) so that recipients have an idea of where you are. It will also include an approximate accuracy of the GPS reading as well as the time sent, so that any network delays in sending the text are accounted for. ICE Alert is free and could prove to be one of the most important apps you download.
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ICE Alert

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