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Instapic for Windows Phone 8 is a free application for browsing and commenting pictures on Instagram. After signing in with your Instagram account, you can immediately start browsing pictures and people online. You'll be able to comment on pictures, start following people, and more with our modern Metro-style app. Coming up in future versions: - Sharing your pictures on social networks
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Change the size of account pictures at login of window 8?
"Howdy, everyone I hoe this is hte right place to get. if not, i apologize, let me know and i will move it to whre it should be. thanks. Last week i bouhgt a new HP laptop and it has 4 accounts. At the login window, all the accounts pics are sh..."
changing pics
"I apologize if this is the wrong place for this thread. I am new to windows 8 and this forum. So I downloaded and installed the os and added two accounts (both are live accounts) one for me one for my wife. we share this computer it is our main compu..."



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