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JustPlay Music is a music streaming app that let's you discover, play, and share the songs you really want to hear… for free! No ads, no accounts, no commercials, no hassles! Search by song name, artist, or even lyrics… and JustPlay Music instantly finds the song and “just” plays it! JPM also allows you to replay your recently listened to songs, create a play queue, share songs on your favorite social networks, even listen to music while you're using other apps. If only everything was as simple as JustPlay Music, your audio playground!
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Music app problem
"When I open music app on metro UI, it request me to login by microsoft account. But there is no box to login, just one "close". So I click close. [ATTACH=CONFIG]353[/ATTACH] It swiches to preview page(see screenshot) [ATTACH=CONFIG]352[/ATT..."


JustPlay Music

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