Laser Level


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No more badly hung images on your wall! With this Laser Level application you can set up things properly. This application offers: - live preview from phone camera with as many guidelines as you need - live angle read using phone accelerometer Unfortunatelly, screens can't show much of app functionality due to windows phone emulator limitations. Update 1.1 - added trial mode in which application runs as it does before -added modes for full version: --now you can calibrate application --add more than 2 guidelines --set application to follow 0 degree guideline
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Application hangs in win 8
"Hey, Let's dorectly to the point. My application hangs after doing the operations on MFC window repeatedly in winodws 8. through hard work I found that it is because of usage of sendMessage in the application. So I want to replace this Sendmessage..."
Application hangs when running with windows 8 themes
"hi, you all again In windows 8 application hangs issue is observed inconsistently when maximizing the child window inside MDIFrame. But there is no hang issue while running with Windows Classic theme. I've never experienced this before upgraded to..."


Laser Level

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