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Great pair matching game, match the pairs to complete the game. Choose a grid of 4, 5 or 6 then match in 2 or 3s. Try the TRIAL. Try to match pairs of squares. Touch first one then another square, each will be uncovered to reveal the pictures. If they match the pictures remain uncovered, if they do not match they will both be re-covered. Touch the Reset button to recover all the squares. The number of turns is shown. The Settings page allows you to select a grid of squares either 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6. 5x5 includes a joker square to allow an even number of pairs. You can then choose whether to 'pair' 2 pictures or 3. There is also a selection of picture types Shapes or Animals. The trial version allows 5 games. NOTE: The Memory app is included in ManyAppz which has 30 apps for the price of 1. The great thing about ManyAppz is that your favourite apps in ManyAppz can be pinned to your phone's start screen so that you have direct access to them with their own tile. ManyAppz has 30 apps at the moment, a free upgrade will then give you 40 then 50 etc. Our aim is to have 100 apps in one! The Memory app includes a preview of ManyAppz
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MA Memory

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