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A Mahjong solitaire (tile matching) game with 100 different levels each one with its own unique and colorful background. Tiles will automatically resize to fit the screen while playing to make game play easier and more enjoyable. Use the included layout browser for easy selection and filtering of the many different layouts available. Mahjong also has 10 different tiles and 2 tile sets to choose from. This game is based on the online version of the Mahjonged that has thousands of active players every month. Features: - 100 Different Layouts - Tiles Resize Automatically to Fit Screen - Hint & Undo Buttons - Shuffle - 10 Different Tiles - 2 Different Tile Sets (Tile Faces) - Level Browser to easily browse and find uncompleted levels. - Awards - Every levels generated is 100% solvable. Updates: ---------- V3.1 - Bug Fizes V3.0 - Windows Phone 8 Support - 2 New Tiles V2.5 - Added shuffle - All levels now 100% solveable V2.4 - Updated Level Browser for faster navigation - Bug Fixes V2.1 - Bug Fixes - Removed Music V2.0 (Mango) - Fast Application Switching - Bug Fixes V1.10 - Improved resizing tiles to fit screen V1.8 - Added four new tiles and updated the Metal and Wood tiles - Level Browser loading time decreased by more than 50% - Updated Tile Faces - Fixed many errors that have been reported V1.7 - Fixed the slight pause when tiles get matched - Settings pages now combined into one V1.5 - Error Reporting V1.3 - Tiles automatically resize to fit screen while playing - Edited most levels to make them more compact so tile size can be made bigger - Removed small tile size - 4 New Levels V1.2 - 5 New Levels - Awards - Algorithm Update V1.1 – Faster Loading
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