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Browse and download high quality photographic wallpapers from the world-renowned A must-have app for anyone who loves photography! - Clean, beautiful, Metro style interface. - Browse by date, randomly, or view the most popular wallpapers from the past two weeks. - Save high resolution versions of wallpapers directly to your computer via Dropbox. - View a description of each image from the photographer as well as the type of camera, lens, and software used. - Map images that have location information and see what the landscape looks like from Bing Maps aerial view. - Share links with your friends via email, or if you see a wallpaper you want to use on your desktop computer, share a link with yourself. - New wallpapers from professional photographers added daily. - And more! Changes in v1.5: - Added Dropbox integration to allow you to save high resolution versions of wallpapers directly to your computer - Added a single unobtrusive advertisement box - Minor bug fix - MetrofaceLIFT Pro is now available and will provide a completely ad-free experience and faster updates Changes in v1.4: - App redesigned to incorporate a panorama view with a dynamic background showcasing the latest wallpaper - New Popular page that features the most downloaded wallpapers from the past two weeks - Removed the donation option (no one used it) - Minor bug fix
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