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Mixtapes gives you free access to millions of songs organized into mixes by listeners like you. Start listening to great music right away or create an account to track your favorite mixes, songs, and DJs. Stop letting marketing dweebs and computer algorithms pick your music and hear what real people from around the world are listening to. Powered by 8tracks. New in Mixtapes 3.2: - Bug fixes including Multimix issues unique to Windows Phone 8. New in Mixtapes 3.0: - Multimixes lets you pin a customized list of mixes to your start screen - Improved WiFi connection management for streaming on a budget - Quickly search and play your favorite songs on YouTube - Over a dozen new features and improvements Features: - Pin a customized list of mixes to your start screen - Setting for WiFi only streaming - Share mixes on Facebook and Twitter - Play music no matter what else you are doing with your phone - Search and filter by artist and your custom set of tags - Deep link into Zune marketplace and YouTube - Pause and skip songs or mixes even when your phone is locked - Find out who is following your favorite DJ and who they are following. - Live Tile shows currently playing Mix - and much more! NOTE: To exit background audio, pause the music and then exit Mixtapes by repeatedly pressing the back button.
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