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Using your phone, you can connect to a Windows PC and see the files, programs, and resources exactly as you would if you were sitting at your desk, just on a smaller screen. The Windows PC must be a XP or Windows 7 Workstation. Windows HOME edition or Windows 200x servers are not supported. PAID OR LITE VERSION Compared to the free version the full version has: - extra keys F1 - F12, arrows, esc, tab, page up/down. - Mouse drag/right click/wheel and hover. FEATURES - Standard RDP protocol. - 8/16 bit color mode for faster screen updates. - Have patent license from Microsoft for the RDP protocol. - NETBIOS name support for easy configuration. - 2 finger zoom and scroll - Landscape mode. LIMITATIONS - We cannot offer Windows 200x Server access, as it will require another patent license from Microsoft. - No sound support - Supported keyboards: US,Danish,German QWERTZ, French AZERTY and UK
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