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Updates: Version 1.1 - New content on the About page. Money allows you to easily keep track of how much money you have without overloading you with too much information. Create an account, give it a starting balance and you’re ready to go. When you spend or deposit money into an account, just select the account, enter the amount and click + or -, it’s that simple. Money will also record and display your last transaction. Keep track of actual accounts or create virtual accounts to keep track of how much money you have for things like food, gas, plain old spending money, or even gift card balances. Create as many virtual accounts as you want to keep track of how much you have to spend. Disclaimer: This app is designed to aid you in keeping track of your money. The balances indicated in this app are only as accurate as the data you enter into it. The balances in this app do not indicate your actual account balances. FujiOnigiri is not responsible for any financial or other problems caused directly or indirectly by the use of this app. It is your responsibility to ensure that the balances you have entered into this app and manipulated via this app coincide with your actual accounts. By using this app you agree to the aforementioned terms.
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