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Version 3.7: Update of icons and background for Main page. Adding reminders and notes features. My Expenses is having all nice features of expense management. These are current application features. 1. Create Expense/Transaction with name, amount, date, category and personal expense account 2. You can create expenses for multiple accounts 3. Add/View Income 4. View Income Summary 5. Create recurring expenses and income 6. Add/Update/Delete accounts 7. Backup/Restore 8. Upload data as csv/excel file to dropbox 9. Balance Sheet 10. View Day, Week and Month expenses for each account 11. Edit or delete existing expense 12. Delete expense by just holding expense item for few seconds and select delete in the context menu 13. View Months Expense Summary with total amount for all future months 14. View month expense transactions for all future months 15. Manage expenses for multiple accounts 16. View expenses by category in Pie Chart 17. Send emails for Today, Current Week, Current Month transactions 18. Support all currencies including Euro 19. Support Landscape mode 20. Auto Suggest Expense Names 21. Go to home page from any page 22. Exit the app from Main Page 23. Login to App using passcode 24. Read Tips and Tricks of this application 25. You can create live tiles. 26. You can search expenses for any date range 27. Skydrive support 28. Take photo and add as receipt for your expenses. 29. Money Transfer between accounts 30. Select year to see fast year expenses 31. Select year to see fast year income records 32. Custom search for income 33. Mail custom search expenses 34. Mail custom search income records 35. Add reminders 36. Add notes
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My Expenses

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