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Do you want to see your battery level in the live tile or in the lock screen? NOW YOU CAN.. with the best app for this category! Just pin the tile and check your battery level. Features: - Modern UI with animations. - Battery percentage. - Remaining charge time. - Charts: from daily to all history. - Swap chart color. - Choose your images: colored or not. - Notifications in the Lock screen. - Data backup/import. - Export data to csv file. - Low charge notifications. Windows Phone API limitations: - The live tile and the lock screen can be updated approximately every 30 minutes. - The live tile and the lock screen can show percentage from 0 to 99. - The notification icon in the lock screen can't change. - Battery saver mode can disable the background agent. NOTES: - The background agent sometimes doesn't work in airplane mode or without internet connection. All applications seem have this problem. - The battery at 100% is not visible in the lockscreen (see Windows Phone limitation #2). "This app don't drain battery": when the app is closed, the background agent works approximately every 30 minutes and only to get battery informations. If you have drain battery issue, check the others applications. If you have any problem, don't write a bad review, but contact the support. Like this app, please gimme 5 stars :) Help me with the language translations please. Version 1.2: - Data backup/import. - Export data to csv file. - Now the app save the last chart in use. - Toast notification when the charge is low and the app is closed. - Settings for low charge. - 24 hours settings. - Now you can change the label format in all history chart. - Help section updated. - Added Italian language.
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The Battery Problem about Overnight
"Due to the need of work, I have to leave my laptop on overnight with Ac power on. Will it damage the battery? BTW, I just purchased it last month...."



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