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Ever wondered what type of network connection your phone currently has to the internet, just before you start that large file download, audio or video stream? Do you find the tiny network notification symbols at the top of your phones screen too small to read or hard to understand? Using traffic lights, this small, money-saving app for the non-technical makes it obvious if your current connection is likely to incur low, medium or high data charges. Pin NetMonitor to your Start screen, and use it to quickly check network connectivity. If you know your 'CDMA' and 'Ethernet' from your '802.11x', then this app is probably not for you - if however, you are like the rest of us, then you might just find this little app very handy indeed! v1.17 Release Notes - Support for trial version, enabling try-before-you-buy - Textual changes to emphasise that NetMonitor is NOT a data or tariff monitor but rather a utility to report your TRUE network connection type (e.g. WiFi, CDMA, GSM etc) at the point in time when you run the app (this misunderstanding has unfortunately led to a few negative reviews) - General stability improvements
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