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**Updated to v1.3; see changelog below** [Trial version not limited!!] Are you sick of the default Internet Explorer on Windows Phone? You can still use the great IE9 core with HTML5, but with a different experience for you. It's fast and takes advantage of the great Metro looks of Windows Phone. It supports live tiles that deep link to specific tabs. Even on the main tile, you can see what you were last browsing. The only difference between the full and trial versions is a little advertisement at the top. ------------------------------ Contact for support ------------------------------ Changelog: v1.6 •Improved UI (includes history, bookmarks, options, tabs, and more) •More languages supported •Redesigned graphics •More options •Various stability fixes •Various bug fixes •Much more! ------------------------------ Changelog: v1.3 •Tap-and-hold menu for links •Improved tab menu •Improved history interface •New "Quick Bar" menu •Bug Fix: advertisement blocked page content (trial version) •Some small UI tweaks •A lot of other small things
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