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Note Plus is a popular, excellent and skinnable memo application for Windows Phone 7. Note Plus provides multiple sets of pretty skin and outstanding user experience for security. With the Smart SkyDrive Synchronization Technology of Note Plus, you can easily backup/share/recovery/migrate your notes. Tips: 1) You can hold the phone and shake to the left or right to choose your favorite memo skin. 2) You can create your password in the note settings to protect your privacy. What's new: === Version 2.3 === + Sorts notes by modified date time or created date time * Solves a little bug of SkyDrive Synchronization === Version 2.2 === + Set a title by tapping the title bar === Version 2.1 === + Find forgotten password by email * Improves performance * Icon background uses theme color === Version 2.0 === * Greatly improves startup speed * Enlarges the password input buttons === Version 1.8 === + Provides text suggestions, auto-correction and ASCII-based emoticons + Sends SMS or email + Tap and hold on the note item, context menu with [Delete] appears * Improves performance Upcoming versions will have more features and new skins. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us: Note Plus 是一款美观时尚、方便快捷、可换肤、可加锁、支持云存储的备忘录应用。 Note Plus 内置多套精美的界面皮肤供您选择,并且提供最优秀的用户安全体验。同时,首创了 SkyDrive 智能同步技术,数据备份、共享、恢复、迁移,一键轻松搞定! 使用小贴士: 1)您可以握住手机,向左或者向右摇一下,切换到您喜欢的界面皮肤。 2)您可以进入备忘录设置,开启密码锁功能,保护您的隐私。 3)Note Plus 支持英文、简体中文、繁体中文的界面选择。 最新更新: === Version 2.3 === + 可选择按修改时间排序或者按创建时间排序 * 解决 SkyDrive 同步的一个小 bug === Version 2.2 === + 点击标题栏可以设置标题 === Version 2.1 === + 新增通过绑定邮箱找回密码的功能 * 优化性能 * 图标背景与手机主题颜色一致 === Version 2.0 === * 大幅提升启动速度,优化运行性能 * 优化解锁界面 === Version 1.8 === + 增加单词校正、拼写建议、ASCII 表情符号输入 + 增加发送短信、发送邮件功能 + 在列表里长按条目,可以出现【删除】选项 * 提高启动速度 Note Plus 后续版本将有更多新功能、新体验,敬请关注。 如果您喜欢 Note Plus,不妨向您的朋友们展示和推荐!
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Note Plus

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