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***STOP PRESS - Notebox makes Top10 in USA and UK*** (this app has embedded Adverts and also compulsory password because it is fully secure. If you prefer not to have embedded adverts or compulsory password/encryption then checkout our the professional edition-> Notebox Pro <-). Notebox is a simple and fast note application packed with features. Notebox is 128bit encrypted for all notes and password. Even if you lose your phone and someone extracts the data they will not be able to read it (Beware Apps that claim to be secure or protected, but do not encrypt stored data). Compose, save, load and email your notes in this free and secure App: . Features Password protected (encrypted) . Every note is stored and encrypted . 128bit level encryption . Compose, Save, and load notes . Send notes to email or SMS . Pin your favourite notes to Start . 100% free, funded by Ads . Supports WP7 themes . Supports landscape mode while viewing/editing notes Notebox è un'applicazione semplice ma veloce nota ricco di funzioni. Può essere utilizzato in modalità password protetta se si richiede la crittografia a 128 bit, lasciando al sicuro nella conoscenza che i dati siano completamente sicuro. 是一個簡單而快速的筆記應用程序,功能強大。如果您需要128位加密,讓你在知識的安全,您的數據是完全安全的,它可以用在密碼保護模式。 Support: Follow Us: Twitter @bytemarq Updates: v1.15 . minor tweaks and bug fixes v1.14 . fixed state issue on main page (icon or list) aft . new visuals . font resize via buttons v1.12 . Adjustable Font Size . Large note support with improved scrolling while editing (2048px limit) . Bug fix (silent exceptions on PinNote & Backkeypress) . MS Ads update 6.1
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